The First Of It's Kind

Kettlebell + Barbell + Weight Plate

We created the Hybell because we were sick and tired of having to pay for multiple pieces of equipment for the same size weight. Not to mention how much space they took up!


HyBell's unique handle orientation allows for a traditional kettlebell feel and workout. Weights available in 15 lbs, 25 lbs, 35, lbs 45 lbs, and 55LBS. 

Weight Plate

HyBell's patented design combines the use of a standard kettlebell and weight plate for your bench press, deadlift, squats, landmine press handles, and so much more using a 2 inch Olympic plate size hole in the center. 


Create countless single arm workout positions using a pair of HyBells & build up your sets as you transition between weight plate & kettlebell.

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  • "As a performance coach, I'm always looking for not only high end commercial equipment but also pieces that save space. The HyBell is exceptional in this regard! I bought a pair of 55's and so far have used them as kettlebells, parallettes, and as a landmine attachment."

    Yas - Long Beach, CA

  • "Love my hybell!! I don't have enough space in my house for a home gym, but with the hybell I don't need one. I'm able to do so many different workouts and store them in my closet. They're well made and arrived quickly. Happy with my purchase and highly recommend picking up a set."

    Dan - Arlington, VA

  • "I recently got the 25lb Hybell for my at-home gym and it's so useful for both upper body and lower body workouts. I love learning all the different uses for it to add variety to what is typically a monotonous workout. Also, it looks great and takes up minimal space! Next step is to get a second 25lb one to utilize as weight plates!"

    Phil - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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From Traditional Fitness Equipment

  • Push Up and Sit Up Bars

    Get your push ups as wide or narrow as you want and at any angle. You can also pump out some crunches solo with a pair of HyBells.

  • Storage

    Have no fear, the HyBells fit on your previously purchased weight, kettlebell, or dumbbell rack. Versatile, easily stored, and durable.

  • Make Ranger Proud

    Our official mascot, Ranger a.k.a. Roo is a proud supporter of our customers. HyBells are available for order now.


What sizes do HyBells come in?

We offer 5 different sizes and they're separated by weight: 15lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, and the monster 55lbs

What are HyBells made of?


How much is shipping?

Free for the lower 48 states!!! Sorry Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. You're too far away to offer free shipping but we will ship to you and we'll work hard to make sure shipping is as low as possible.

How fast will I receive my order after purchase?

Our warehouse is located in southern California so it could be anywhere between 3-7 days after purchase. Obviously, that depends on where you are. East coast orders usually arrive in 5 days unless you live in the woods in Maine. Then, maybe 7 days.